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110th Anniversary Gala Dinner on November 11th 2023

Installation of Officers Luncheon 2023

New Years Eve 2022

Walnut and Poppy-seed Rolls baking 2022

2022 Cookout Competition

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2022 Officers Installation Teaparty

Halloween 2021

March 15th – commemoration of the 1848-as revolution:

Oktober 25th 2020

Remembering the events and heroes of the Hungarian Revolution from 1956

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June 4th 2020

Remembering the peace treaty signed in Trianon 100 years ago

Remembering the Peace Treaty of Trianon on its’ 100th anniversary, we planted a tree at the HAAC entrance, called the National Unity Tree. At 10:32am EST (in Hungary it was 4:32pm – the exact time when Hungarian representatives signed the Treaty) we lit the Fire of Our National Unity. Special guest at the event was Péter B. Nagy from the Consulate General of Hungary. Due to the Coronavirus Pandemic regulations in effect, only 25 people were able to attend the events. We will share a more detailed post about the event in the near future.

2019 Halloween Party

2019 Cooking Competition

2019 Hungarian Festival

2019 International Folk Gathering

short video recap here: